LupeLinens Pet Bedding

Pets are an integral part of our family. We vacation with them, include them on our daily walk or jog. We even have conversations with them.

So, why should you be satisfied with toxic boring brown, taupe, gray and beige furry dog beds and pet throws? Most of the conventional fabrics used on pet bedding are treated with harmful chemicals and fire retardants. Even the "Eco" filled beds are made from recycled plastic bottles - like that is a healthy product for your pet to snuggle in!
If natural products are good enough for humans, why not pets? Pet arthritis and joint disease is on the rise. Is your pet suffering from toxic overload by sleeping on a bed with dozens of harmful chemicals? Think about the additional germs, dust mites and allergens your pet is exposed to because the bed hasn't been washed in 6 months.

I get that changing pet bed covers is a hassle. I grew tired the mini-workout from removing the covers from the liners each month. There had to be another way... And so, LupeLinens was founded. A pet bed that's easy to change - I mean REALLY easy. And a washable pet throw that doesn't LOOK like a pet throw but more like a decorative throw for your chair or sofa.

We have three guiding principles for your pet's bedding:
  • Healthy: pet materials closest to your dogs skin should have minimal processing and no toxic azo dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde or petroleum derivatives.
  • Easy to Clean: Seriously, this is not rocket science. Bed covers should be easy to remove and replace. Pet fabrics should be each to wash and dry through conventional methods.
  • Stylish: Fabrics should be beautiful and snugglishous. Yes, we just made up that word.
Check out our one of a kind selections to compliment your decor and comfort your pet on Instagram @lupelinens or our LupeLinens Etsy shop which launches soon.